Vision and Purpose

Hi there, this is maybe the only eCard Website with Pages added. I think it is.

That’s because I care about others and people relating – especially Christians because the way most things are structured with Services in most Western Countries – many Christians miss out on “Fellowship” Scripture speaks about that involves communicating and relating in personal ways through our week.

Read my post called A Way For You To Relate Here and see some things I wrote about how Early Christians fellowshipped that may Surprise You. Christians in different countries do this and it is commencing in Western Countries. I love it – it’s so natural and spiritual at the same time. Some of the Cards and Audios in this program have spiritual content. Enjoy!

Janets eCards are designed to help give you a pleasant form of communication where you can relate together on a regular basis in an informal way in addition to visits or phone calls. If you are very busy with a lot of demands there are these days, this helps you to keep in touch and bring blessing into someone’s day. This is also a good way to bring a touch of your presence (so to speak) into a loved one’s day, friend or fellow Christian.

I hope you all Enjoy the benefits of this program, brought to you by Janet and Jesus. Give it a try!