Music Restored/Available

Hi there, once again I have some really Good News

The Music and Songs have now been Restored in this Program.
They used to run on Flash and I had no way of Updating them, no-one to assist me in such matters.

I put so much work and expense into my WebCards and eCard Programs, purchased from a Web Developer in USA in 2013 and 2017 and when Flash went out of existence and Google decided to change HTTP to HTTPS it created issues for him and he stopped offering Updates because of the huge amount of Work he would have to do with everyone’s purchase.

So the 2 Copies of the Program I bought from him actually became obsolete. However, each time I could have deleted them, I felt not to do that but Trust Jesus, that He would in some way make it possible. I became quite busy making a few Websites, and a few months ago, the Spirit of God prompted me to Act Now and take them to a Freelancing Service where Rida updated the both Programs to HTTPS in the Code that makes the Program work. And then Amit updated all the Music and Song files to a New Music Player.


Now there are Lots of Beautiful  Music and Songs available for you to Select from and Send with your eCards. Many of them are Christian, including some Worship Songs. You will find a different Selection in different Categories of the eCard Program. They are all quality, suited to Send with Cards.

You can even Sample a Song or Tune before you Send it – just like you can Preview your Cards. This is a Premium eCard Program. ENJOY!