A Way For You To Relate

Relating constantly is important and eCards are Nice to Send and Recieve

I care about others and people relating – especially Christians because the way most things are structured with Services in most Western Countries – many Christians miss out on “Fellowship” Scripture speaks about that involves communicating and relating in personal ways through our weeks – not sitting in rows behind people’s backs “auditorium style” ……….. that was actually the way the Greeks used to have Secular Entertainment in Bible Days. Constantine – a Roman Emperor – changed the way Early Christians did things when he made Christianity a State Institution. So as you will see, changing the way They Fellowshipped did not not promote Christianity, it hindered most of it.

Christians used to gather together in each-other’s houses – a warmer and inviting scene that drew neighbours and members of the community there often – they asked to join them.

Yes, the Early Christians had Balance – they praised God and worshipped Him together. They also shared a meal and activities together. Who could resist that type of Fellowship? House Churches are found in the Book of Acts. They are also greeted in Romans 16 (lots of them) and Jude. These days, they are often referred to as Simple Church. Many of us just call them Gatherings like I do because it sounds personal – no complications kind of feel to it. Christians in different countries fellowship this way. They are spiritually stronger and healthier because of it – they are happier than most Christians in Western Countries.

That brings me to Janets eCards, they are designed to help give you a pleasant form of communication where you can relate together on a regular basis in an informal way in addition to visits or phone calls. If you are very busy with a lot of demands there are these days, this helps you to keep in touch and bring blessing into someone’s day. This is also a good way to bring a touch of your presence (so to speak) into a loved one’s day, friend or fellow Christian.

I hope you all Enjoy the benefits of this program, brought to you by Janet and Jesus. Give it a try!

“A Way For You To Relate”