eCards Now Restored

Happy to share this Good News!

Janets eCards has been Restored on the Net because even when the Webpages had a Secure Padlock showing, the Program itself needed Updating from HTTP to HTTPS causing a glitch with Logging In etc and the Web Developer who made this Program was no longer available.


For a few years, the situation was as I described – and Janets WebCards program as well – but each time I considered this, I never felt to cancel them.

Now I have found a really lovely Freelancer who has been graciously assisting me to Restore both of these Programs for a very reasonable price.

Even though she did not make this Program – to know how it works and a complexity of Coding that runs throughout, we don’t see, that makes it work – she is a very highly qualified Web Developer with LOTS of Experience. And she has shown much Devotion to the Restoration of Janets eCard Inspirations and Janets WebCards from the start, when she began to work with me.

It is evident to me that she loves our Creator and has a heart to Serve. Many thanks to Rida!

And also The Lord, for showing His Goodness and Faithfulness through such a wonderful person, just so we could all ENJOY Janets eCards and Janets WebCards once more.

There seemed to be no way possible for them to work anymore when the Developer moved on, and the Expense of someone Professional in Australia was right out of the question, even if I could find the right person.  And Rida is a very Special kind of Web Developer who showed the interest many would not.

How I do thank and Praise God for her. May He bless each one of you who have found this eCard Program at the right time – when it’s Restored. ENJOY!

PS Note: When you have prayed much for something you feel is in God’s Will, Rest in the Goodness and Mercy of God and Keep Trusting. He knows how to make a Way.