My Testimony In Relation To Websites

Jesus gifted me for these things in 2012

with Website Creation and Writing Poems similar to Helen Steiner Rice. Previous to that, I had experienced a time that left me physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted. My Sister invited me, and my Son for a four day holiday to a country area five hours away – it was close to the beach and we all came back refreshed Especially me because I had been so unwell, I was on my bed 24/7 for several weeks after some inconsiderate neighbors kept disrupting my sleep every night.

Things were quieter and undisturbed when we returned. Also, Jesus lifted the exhaustion from me 15 minutes into the trip, when I could not travel any further (that meant not back home either). I quietly called out to Jesus in my heart in total trust, giving myself, and everything into His Care. I learnt something from that experience: Faith is Activated Trust. And following that, a few days after the holiday was when Jesus gifted me unexpectedly with poetic language.

A spiritual Calling I had for many years became quite serious for a long time and I had asked The Lord for something lighter to do if He wasn’t offended by my request. Unknown to me, I think He had this planned well in advance because He said some years before that, He was going to bless me and make me a blessing. This came to pass when I made a Website to share the Poems – some of them are in a WebCard Program called Janets WebCards. This is a second eCard Website I run these days, specifically for Christians to send Cards to their Loved Ones, Friends and Christian Friends – some Cards are designed to send between Christians. ENJOY

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