Purpose For eCards And Pages

I’m starting these Pages to encourage communications.

And just in case you are feeling a little lost, distancing from Family and/or Friends, you can come and visit my Websites anytime you like.

Most eCard Websites are used mainly for Birthdays, New Year and Mothers Day etc. I have made this website for so much more than that – good as they may be – having a vision to assist Christians and family members to communicate more often in a different way to media, which has become addictive for many who wish to break free of it. And also to help Christians relate and fellowship more, even if time isn’t plentiful these days.

At this present time however, so many have a lot of time on their hands and need Some Kindness in their day and you can show some in this way – it’s Expressive and it’s Creative in a Simple way that gives you a Nice Feel making them. So it gives you something nice to do some days. You choose a picture for your Card, select a color background you can type a few words on or as many as you like. There are also Poems and Inspirations included in this program if you’re not sure what to write. And guess what? There are beautiful Audio Music and Songs you can select from and Pretty Emoticons – you know, Smilies. All friendly ones!

I have a WebCards website as well with a different selection of Pictures and Audios (music) and More Emoticons.

Come and visit often!